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Maybe it's ok to let someone else shine, or consider how working together might make something better than either could produce alone. Wands are the suit of Fire, of spirit, passion, and ambition. Individual fires can't burn as brightly as one large one that keeps everyone warm together.

December 3 through 22 is also a Mercury Retrograde period. If you follow Astrology, you know that can bring additional challenges to communication, and this energy is at its highest point this week. Taking these extra steps to carefully consider your interactions with others can help avoid troubling miscommunications. Is your Fire burning a bit too hot this week? Invoke the element of Earth or Water to balance it. I love working with scent to help shift my energy. I make essential oil blends that try to capture the spirits of the elements, and use them to counter unhelpful energies.

Cedarwood, patchouli, sage, and vetiver are great oils for Earth energy. I like jasmine, geranium, lavender, and even citrus oils for Water energy. Use one of those oils you like or try mixing together a few drops of different ones in a small vial. Keep the vial with you and smell the scent when you need grounding or emotional clarity. If you want to wear your blends, just dilute them in a carrier oil such as jojoba or sweet almond to make them safe for skin, about 15 drops of oil to a 10ml roller bottle of carrier oil.

You could also add a few drops of essential oil to your bath or soaking water though, not if your system is sensitive to essential oils. The Hierophant is the keeper of traditions, so it is not at all surprising to see this card appear in this month's spread, and in this week, the week of the Winter Solstice. Teacher of rituals and rules, it is a card of guidance and initiation into shared culture, very fitting for this season of collective celebration and reinforcement of shared spiritual values. The Hierophant is a proponent of orthodox behavior. Perhaps this is a good time to consider the meanings behind our current activities and ask ourselves why we choose to follow these traditions.

It is presenting us an opportunity to reconnect to deeper meaning, and heighten the experience of participation, especially in the midst of broad commercialization of holiday traditions. This deck depicts the Hierophant as a robed religious figure, seated in front of two pillars representing the institutions of belief. Below are the keys to this stored knowledge. As we have all experienced, we must be initiated directly or indirectly into our cultures, whether religious or secular.

In our lives, the Hierophant might have been a religious leader, but could also have been a school teacher, a parent or, someone else in the home who formally or informally showed us the way things are done. In turn, each of us may now play this role for others. The holiday season can be an uncomfortable time if we feel forced to observe particular traditions that do not mesh with our belief systems.

The presence of the Hierophant here does not necessarily insist that we follow suit, but that we decide what level of adherence to rules and traditions is appropriate for each of us. What value lies in observing traditions? How can we protect our own traditions if living inside of a dominant culture that is not our own? How can sharing traditions be seen as a form of generosity? How have you been the teacher of tradition to someone in your life? How did sharing your knowledge impact your own connection to beliefs and values?

How have you shared information about your traditions with someone outside of your culture? What was their response and how did it make you feel? In this card, the Queen of Cups is seated on a watery throne and almost appears to be part of the rippling blue stream running beneath. This card is deeply connected to the watery realm of feelings and intuition, representing a high level of emotional maturity and a strong empathetic ability.

Like every other card in this spread so far, the Queen of Cups speaks to us about our involvement with others. The Queen of Cups is reliable and consistent, qualities that allow us to provide emotional support and understanding to others, and to delight in being of service to them. The calm, comforting energy of this card offers some relief after the challenges raised throughout this reading. The fiery energy of the Five of Wands from earlier in the month, and the excessive focus on the material in the two Pentacles cards, is resolved this week.

Either someone is providing this relief for us, or we are being called on to be this calming, loving force for others. Either way, potential for love and support abounds, and we should allow that energy to flow through us. Stay open and receptive and practice compassion for those around you. For the self: What person in your life comforts you when you need it?

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How does it feel to receive that care? For another: Find a way this week to do something supportive for a person who has provided you needed comfort. How exciting to receive this card at such a pivotal moment! The Magician is the first teacher the Fool encounters on the Journey of the Tarot. The great lesson of the Magician is how to manifest, turning ideas into actions. Click play to hear an audio version of the offering. The book of tarot is written in the language of archetype and symbol, with Judgment symbolizing a call to action, a thing that motivates change.

A value, a vision, a quest, a dream life. One thing that you learn as you live is how quickly and radically external reality can change. As a species we are adaptive but also highly habitual; we can build whole castles for ourselves only to find that we still spend all of our time […].

A […]. The assumption that intellectual knowing is more valid than intuitive knowing is so pervasive in our culture that we rarely question it. But it is destructive, not only because it renders our experiences so lop-sided, but also because it is based on a hierarchy that […].

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