Birthday horoscope cancer february 6 2020

With Mercury retrograde in your expressive fifth house—and since retrogrades rule the past—you could approach a passion project from a whole new and exciting angle.

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Dust off an old creative venture or put time into your talents again. Could the second or third time be a charm? You can take a big step back from the intensity on November 12, when the annual Taurus full moon illuminates your eleventh house of cool-headed analysis, teamwork and friendship. Remember that life and identity you have outside of this person, Cancer? Get back to it! The full moon will also form a tricky opposition to Mercury retrograde, making it all the more important that you temper those knee-jerk reactions and snap decisions.

Instead, detach from drama. Some emotional and physical distance will help bring you back to center.

If you can put your pride aside, you have a chance to calmly and maturely discuss matters this day. The full moon will also form a harmonious trine to structured Saturn and potent Pluto, both in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnership and equality.

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Finding a common mission can solidify your bond with a friend, business alliance or romantic partner. Speak authentically and openly without getting emotional about your needs. You may find that this calmer approach wins you a much more receptive audience. Make sure to listen to what THEY want too. If all else fails, Mercury corrects course and turns direct forward on November 20, which will help restore balance to your bonds.

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And right on time! Your festive and flirty side is out in full force for the rest of the year.

Shake off those emo vibes and bring on the joie de vivre! Things could get loud at a party, for example, and escalate into a fight, especially if people have been drinking. Go easy on the eggnog and make sure you have a proper meal—and are well hydrated—before you uncork anything! Although Mars will definitely ramp up your hedonistic side, these disciplined vibes will help you stay balanced as cocktail-and-cookie season rolls around. Try to incorporate more veg-friendly recipes into any celebrations. Who says your feast has to end in a food coma?

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  • The November 26 Sagittarius new moon jump-starts your wellness goals, setting off a salubrious six-month cycle. Even if you start with a daily power walk, cutting back sugar or hitting a couple gym classes a week, the idea is to get your body moving in the right direction. How about mixing in some travel too? On November 27, foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in your ninth house of global adventures. Start perusing those travel specials for an enticing retreat or spa getaway, and put that at the top of your holiday gift list.

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    With Neptune powering forward in this entrepreneurial and curious zone, you might sign up for a class or get back to work on a creative business idea. The moon, romantic Venus, Saturn and Pluto will be in Capricorn and your seventh house of partnerships, amping up the activity in that region of your chart. Some Crabs could make their relationships official or finally get the quality time to connect.

    Give those special people your undivided attention. Got an idea for a shared business venture? Sit down over leftovers or meet for lunch and explore the idea of teaming up. With all this dynamic-duo energy in the stars, who knows WHAT you could create together? You need to get rid of the mental and physical clutter to free up bandwidth and build up the physical energy for the indoor fireworks that await you later this month—and through the rest of the year!

    No dreary decor for you, Crab! This is a time for self-care and other health-directed choices. Couples may be inspired to get in shape together or bond on a deeper level over a home project that blends both of your tastes and talents. Minding the details can bring even more integrity to your relationship. Passionate Mars is making its biennial visit to Libra and your foundational fourth house until November Easier said than done when it comes to family!

    You have the chance to let bygones be bygones today, when the bold Sun trines traditional Saturn in the most sensitive parts of your chart. This emotional albatross has weighed on you for far too long, Gemini. Choose empathy over anger and remind yourself that everyone is human and full of flaws. Fight for your rights, Cancer.

    While your sign prefers to choose love over arguments, there are times when you have to put your sensitive nature aside and boldly advocate for your beliefs.

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    Today, a helpful trine between the courageous Sun and stalwart Saturn puts wind in your sails. Speaking up gives you a big self-confidence boost, and you could quickly become regarded as a visionary thought leader. Instead of waiting for the world to change, model that transformation yourself. Keep on keeping on! Instead of being frustrated about a stalled mission, go on a fact-finding mission. Everything CAN be figured out, Leo; you just have to open your mind, and your ears, to the right people. The blazing Virgo Sun gets a powerful boost from sturdy Saturn, setting you up for a win.

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