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One day I found Oliveboard site which came out to be a very informative site. I also purchased the test series of OliveBoard and used to write the mock tests regularly. It helped me increase my speed and also score more and more. Now I have four Government Bank jobs in hand. Got placed in Bank of Baroda as a Specialist Officer. Assam Grameen Vikas Bank as an office assistant. Bank of India as an assistant. Probationary Officer too but in reserved list, will get the allotment soon. Thank you OliveBoard for guiding me.

All the best to all the future aspirants. I completed my BTech in Most of the IT companies visited our college for campus placements. I had not opted for placements as I was not interested in the IT Sector. My father told me about stability and fast growth in the Banking sector and he motivated me to prepare for Banking Exams. My family and friends supported me to stand up and fight again. One of my friends told me about Oliveboard Mock Test Series. I realised the importance of quality tests. Oliveboard Mock Tests helped me to practice quality questions and to analyse my performance.

I owe my success to My parents and Oliveboard. Once you're clear with your concepts, attempt one Sectional Test daily for quant. This would be sufficient enough for quant.

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Logical Reasoning: No book is required. Just practice questions from Mock Tests. In mock tests, try to attempt puzzles at the end in reasoning section. Practice it daily and this will be more than enough. English: Cultivating a Reading Habit and practicing Comprehension is the key to crack English section. You need to develop a good reading habit to excel this section. I used to read The Hindu editorial section daily. General Awareness: Read the daily current affairs update from an online platform and attempt quizzes.

Also, learn Banking Awareness. Attempt Mock Tests and analyse them religiously. Prepare your own strategy and work accordingly. Invest in good quality Mock Tests like Oliveboard. Oliveboard provides a detailed and lucid solution for each and every question which one can easily understand. Prepare well and have patience, you will definitely sail through it. Happy Learning and All the Best for your upcoming exams! I have done B. I was also qualified for the UPSC assistant commandants written exam but did not give the interview. This is what I followed.

I also solved 1 puzzle on a daily basis from the book 'Puzzles and teasers' by George R summers. Mock Tests - Oliveboard only This is not for promotion. I extensively used only Oliveboard Mock Test Series for both prelims and mains. Analyze mocks properly after giving them for continuous improvement. Note: Revise all the GK questions from mocks a day before mains exam. Group Discussion and Personal Interview - Don't think much about it at this stage.

But, believe me, it is the best stage where your true personality is judged. Just read the newspaper daily and prepare your resume and include your past work. Hope this will be of help in creating your study plan. All the best to all the aspirants. My first stint with the Banking Exams was in I am very thankful to Oliveboard for my performances in both the years.

The type of questions that Oliveboard has in its mock tests are suitable for any kind of pattern and you also need to apply different logic to different questions in order to solve them correctly. Also, there is a very good mix-and-match of tests- some are easy, some are average while the others are difficult.

While easy mock tests act as confidence boosters, the difficult ones are suitable to clear our concepts. Also, the analysis feature including the 'Weak areas feature' is one of the best things about OB Mock Tests- those are really helpful. Thanks a lot to Oliveboard for creating mocks with lots of effort that help us in moving forward. I completed my graduation B. I bought Oliveboard's mock test series. They were a bit tough but i made sure that I give atleast one mock a day. I had bought other mock tests as well but I found Oliveboard to be the best among all because they made sure that I get well accustomed to questions across all difficulty levels.

I scored A big thank you to Oliveboard for my success. I am from Kerala and I worked for an IT Firm for two years after graduating and finally decided to take Banking Exams in for the first time. They are doing an amazing job in making quality study material available to the students. Thank you Oliveboard! My simple concern was my speed in difficult questions due to which I scored less in written, even though my accuracy was very good in each exam and mocks I took.

As mocks are the only way to get speed, I was in search for difficult level mocks so that i can practice at a level same or above than actual exam level. Then I came to know about Oliveboard on Facebook group I took the free mock. Its level and quality of questions were really good and finally Oliveboard helped me in getting Oliveboard mocks not only helped me in speed but they also gave me accuracy in difficult questions.

I got final score Thank you Oliveboard team for the nice job of helping aspirants like me. I'm Soumallya Chattopadhyay from West Bengal. I completed my post-graduation in Post which I joined a globally renowned private insurance company at Mumbai, which I got through campus placement. However, deep down in my mind, I always had the flair to join the public sector. After I joined the job, I came across Oliveboard test series. It was around last year during July-August that I came across this platform.

Little did I know at that time that it would do wonders. Taking at least one full length mock test each day, analysing my performance and keeping track of percentile were something that proved to be extremely beneficial. Truly speaking, I did not take individual test to that extent, but I was regular at taking full length mock tests.

However, I couldn't make it to the final list because my interview didn't go well my first interview after all. Thereafter I started making it to the final list one after the other. As for my sectional strategy, I just love to solve puzzles and therefore I always counted on my reasoning skills. I always started with the English section because I have good grasp over English and I devoted maximum proportion of time to English and Reasoning.

I touched the quants section at last. For quants, I mostly concentrated on a DI puzzle, quadratic equation and inequalities since they were the 'marks-spinners'. For mains examination, given the fact that now the sectionals are allotted individual time, you have to take the exam as it comes. It prepares you to face the unexpected. Therefore, the only way to fetch high marks in mains is constant practice, sharpen your strength and improve your weakness to some extent.

For General Awareness, there is no defined syllabus and hence any news source will be your best friend. I'd take this opportunity to thank Oliveboard for being the architect of my journey to success. The tests helped me get familiar with the question pattern, identify my strength and weaknesses and devise my strategy accordingly. Taking the online tests regularly were helpful in managing time effectively too.

I'd suggest the aspirants that in order to succeed, work hard, work smart and have faith in yourself. Remember that it is only thorough practice that happens to be the mool mantra for success. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours and thanks to Oliveboard once again for your sustained guidance. I did not join any coaching institute for bank exam preparation. I opted for Oliveboard Test series. I just had a little overview of the notification. After attempting mocks I went over some past papers that I could find over the internet and found that this Test series is really helpful for bank exams.

This was the only bank exam I ever took so I guess it can provide a good guidance to you towards making your strategy only if you can bear the cost factor. Because in the end only your hard work is going to help you. Hi, I am Tanmoy from West Bengal. After having worked with a Bangalore based software services company for 2. Hence, I left my job and started preparation from the end of January this year. I spent the first weeks in different forums like YouTube, researching the scope of the syllabus, the pattern of questions, and strategies adopted by other successful candidates to clear this exam.

After that, I meticulously chalked out my own preparation strategy and strictly focused on executing it. Since I was in between jobs, I could afford no time to loose and wanted to make it as fast as possible. As compared to last year, the notification came out early in February this year and the prelims were preponed to April. I was a little disappointed as I had just started my preparation and apart from English, I was actually weak in all the other sections and had to start from absolute scratch.

But nevertheless, I did not loose hope and decided to give it a full-fledged try! I thought that even if I ultimately do not make it, my preparation will have a significant boost. One mistake many of us makes is that we tend to pile up a huge number of books and prepare one chapter from book A, the second chapter from book B and so on. I prepared Quants from a single book i. The difficulty level of actual examination has jumped to a degree that I found this book to be the most suitable. Each chapter is preceded by a solid theory to get your concepts cleared and some extremely effective shortcut techniques.

Remember, the key here is multiple revisions. For the remaining topics, I solely relied on Mocks. They were more than sufficient. English Although I was fairly strong in this section, yet I did not take it lightly. I thoroughly revised all the rules of Grammar at the very beginning. Also, I used to read newspapers daily and worked towards strengthening my diverse reading habit. For current affairs, I used to refer to standard websites. The GK section is huge and often can be the deal breaker. This can be done on alternate days - On day 1, I would read the current affairs of the last 7 days Repeat and on day 2, I would attempt quizzes Recall and repeat this pattern over and over again.

Mocks I cannot just emphasize the importance of mocks in general and Oliveboard in particular in the preparation for bank examinations nowadays. Mocks are the single most important key to success. I have personally attempted a humongous number of online mocks which helped me to quickly familiarize myself with the pattern of questions in the actual exam, increase my speed and enhance my time management capabilities. I must admit that Oliveboard mocks are the best in the market.

The standard of the questions and the mix of difficulty levels of the mocks is what really impressed me. Having said that, what amazed me the most was, they even provided one-on-one assistance for the descriptive section for the Mains and created a forum for posting contents and receiving feedbacks from fellow aspirants! Also remember, an analysis is of paramount significance and if you are spending one hour in attempting the mock, a minimum of another 1 hour should be spent on analysis. Some Advice to Aspirants a. Always target a minimum of 90 percentile in Oliveboard mocks.

You can bundle together the answers you get and start the discussion. Create a challenging daily routine and try to execute it no matter what — win each day to win the final exam. Meditation improves concentration exponentially. Start Meditating for a few minutes everyday. Lastly, I would like to say that from my entire journey, I have learned that discipline supplemented with a regular routine, avoiding procrastination and with a little perseverance, anyone can crack this examination.

Thank you for reading and wish you all the very best! Prelims Score: Oliveboard mock test packages are the best. At that time I didn't know about OB. I could not clear PO because of the Reasoning section. After that one of my friends told me about Oliveboard. I took a free test and was quite impressed by the question standard and immediately bought Clerk and SO test series. The main positive things about Olivboard are its nice user friendly interface, lucid explanation of all answers, good server connectivity and most importantly the standard of the questions which are quite similiar to the actual question pattern.

I recommend everyone to buy Oliveboard test series. I had been attempting free mock tests on Oliveboard since last few years but last year I bought the entire series Trust me guys, some questions in Oliveboard Mock Tests are difficult and they prepare you to face the worst in the actual exam. I would like to thank Oliveboard for the amazing mock tests and I wish them all the best in helping the future aspirants to achieve their dreams. But another feature of Oliveboard that I completely loved were the multiple "Group Study Sessions" that they organized just before the exam.

Those were awesome and it was fun solving questions in limited time while chatting with all the other participants. Also, I must mention that the User Interface is super smooth. I had taken other mock test series too but their content was nowhere in comparison with Oliveboard. I finished my B. I resigned after working for 1. I had actually subscribed for around test series and I can undoubtedly declare Oliveboard to be the best among all of them. I had bought the complete bank package from Oliveboard. Oliveboard actually does a lot of research on what exactly is currently going on in the Banking Exams these days and this is evident from the questions that they provide in their mock tests as many of their questions were similar to what were asked in the exams.

They have an awesome analysis feature and believe me analyzing the mocks tests is the most important part of exam preparation. I was benefitted from Oliveboard and I recommend it to everyone. I heard about Oliveboard Test Series from many other aspirants, that this test series proved quite useful and trust me guys this is the best online test series I have taken.

Banking exams are all about strategy ,speed and accuracy, and only by giving online test you can improve these three aspects. Guys, if you are preparing for banking exams, Oliveboard test series is a must buy, both full test and sectional test. You cannot even compare any other test series with Oliveboard in any aspects like level of questions, accuracy, and analysis of mock. I used to take one full mock and 2 sectional mock in math to increase speed in math daily and it helped me a lot.

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I am thankful to Oliveboard team from core of my heart. Here is his inspiring story: I am Abhishek Choudhary. I had started banking preparation from 1st January, Preparation strategy: Quants: Start by clearing your basics. You can refer some good YouTube videos or Oliveboard live classes for the same. Once basics are clear, try solving as many mock tests as you can and do analyse it properly.

I used to practice a lot from Oliveboard mock tests as they are exactly as per the latest pattern and syllabus. Refer standard books like DI by Arun Sharma. Reasoning: To tackle reasoning section you need to practice a lot and manage time properly. Clear basic concepts and practice more. I would recommend the same to everyone. Refer some good books to clear your grammar concepts and more importantly enhance your reading skills.

These Bolts are provided every month for free and are very helpful for preparations. Interview Tips: Be confident and well prepared. I read newspapers like Indian express to prepare myself best for the interview. Role of Oliveboard: Oliveboard provides latest pattern mock tests and materials which helped me a lot to prepare for the banking exams. Thus I would recommend Oliveboard mock tests to everyone. Moreover, the level of questions in mock tests provided by Oliveboard is very good.

Tip to Aspirants: Practice as much as u can. This will help you to improve speed which is vital in clearing banking exams. All the best! You create them. Here is his story to Success: Greetings everyone! I completed my B. This is a short narration of my story so far. Following two successive failed attempts at UPSC Civil Services Examination after my graduation in , I decided to shift focus to banking and insurance examinations.

I decided to join the former as I was faced with the opportunity to work in Mumbai. I relied mostly on standard textbooks like Ramesh Singh for ESI and Prasanna Chandra for Finance, complementing them with my own notes drawn from current affairs and newspapers. While I appreciate the effort put in by Oliveboard in their phase II mock tests, given the nature of the examination it is very difficult to provide tests that can give you an experience similar to the actual exam.

Though I cleared phase II, I was well aware of the fact that I may not have cleared the exam by a huge margin as my performance was not up to my expectations. So, I pulled up my socks and was ready to go that extra mile to score big in the interview so that I had a shot at final selection. I checked the RBI website regularly for updates, notifications, policy decisions, speeches, etc and made my own notes on them. I thoroughly went through the functions of RBI and their various departments. I even revised Ramesh Singh at least thrice before the day of my interview.

Finally, my perseverance paid off when I found my roll number in the final list of selected candidates. However, more telling were the final marks scored by me: ESI: Through my story, I would like to draw attention to two things. Firstly, when one wants to achieve big success in life, she has to be self-motivated. For two full years I was in the comforting environment of my home while preparing for examinations.

All I had to do was sit and study while everything else was served to me on a platter. However, when I moved to Mumbai, I had to spend 8 hours at work, travel hours daily, and then come back home to take care of my daily household chores, before I could even sit down to study. And yet I managed to clear the examination. The reason being, I literally did not have to look for inspiration any further than outside my office window to sneak a glance at the towering structure of the RBI central office.

Secondly, the game is not over until the final results have been declared. My task was cut out for me after my phase II examination as I realised that any interview score less than 40 could sound the death knell for me. And I went all in, giving it my best, with the confidence that I was still in the running despite my slightly below par performance in phase II.

And it was my interview that made all the difference in the end. I would consider it a huge success if I could inspire even a handful of people through my story. Always remember that there could be a thousand reasons why you fail, but there should be no Excuses. They don't need much intensive hard work compared to Civil services and Engineering services. All you need is smart work. I started my preparation from March 1st week after filling SBI form with a target of clearing exam in first go. Though I would at times think that it would be very difficult as the tentative date of prelims was on April But I would calm myself, as my basics were clear, and I just needed to improve my speed and accuracy.

From the very first day, I started with giving mock tests in the morning. The rest of the day, I would analyze my performance and solve the leftover questions of the mock test throughout the day especially Reasoning and aptitude. In this way, I would do a total of questions a day. As time passed after 10 days maybe , I was able to figure out my strong and weak points. I was having very less time in hand, so I just selected those topics in which I was good or average and made a calculation that by doing all these I will be able to secure 70 marks. For example in aptitude, I am good in DI 10 marks , Simplification 5 marks , Quadratic equations 5 marks , Number series 5 marks.

During mock tests, I would always attempt these parts only and would secure somewhere between during my final stages of preparation depending upon the toughness of mock test. And by the end, I gave almost mocks. In this way, finally, I went for the preliminary exam with the preparation of marks of reasoning, marks for aptitude and marks for English.

That's all about my Preliminary preparation. And mock tests will motivate you by providing you rank. Plus, to prepare for extra subjects like computer aptitude and especially General awareness. I chose the same strategy and started giving 2 mocks daily. But I did a blunder and which I realized later that General awareness can't be prepared like that, one must essentially study capsules and general awareness resources which I missed.

Though I tried to make it up in last days by reading capsules but couldn't make it. So finally, I ended up scoring I didn't study essays or letter. I just saw the format one day before the exam and was able to secure 35 out of All in all, my strategy didn't work that good for mains. But fortunately, by giving almost 50 mains mocks, I was used to handling shocks and it helped me during my mains exam. I didn't panic when I saw that mains paper was tougher than what I expected. I and 3 of my friends made a group on google hangout.

And for PI, we use to take mock interviews with each other 3 to 1. And, it continued for a month. Also, we would decide a topic some days and prepare on it the whole day and discuss on hangout in evening. Most essential: - In all, as you have noticed that the only thing I did was practicing and giving mocks. And Oliveboard helped me a lot in that by providing best quality test series with no errors and hence most reliable. They provide the test a bit tougher than the actual exam so that you can handle shocks as SBI is popular for giving that.

All the best to all the aspirants! Oliveboard undoubtedly has been the most successful test series since the time of inception of online test series. All others are just playing the game and nowhere even close to matching the level of Oliveboard. Be it the question pattern, the solution, the comparison with other candidates, the percentile theory, the user interface. I think all these features distinguish OB from the crowd of other online portals, I started giving exams back in , the first exam being SBI Clerk, in which I qualified the written but ultimately missed the final selection by 2 marks which is a huge margin, as it was SBI Clerk and that too Uttar Pradesh.

I did not know how to approach the test, which section to start first and which questions to solve and which one to leave. So, starting from next year I gave every exam I came to know about and I took Oliveboard test series and I started to realize that the level of examination is always going up and so OB was equally competing with high level question patterns and specially reasoning which was getting tougher after every exam. The best approach to an exam is start from the section where you cannot mark 'mark for review' option. You either know the answer or you don't, like English, or GA or computer, finish these two because then you'll have ample amount of time left and you won't be tensed as to finish quants and reasoning and then coming back to GA or English or computer, that way you'll end up giving less time to quants and reasoning.

Do GA first, then computer then English and then go for your favourite out of quants and reasoning, mine was reasoning so I always went for it first. In reasoning also do everything else first and mark the puzzles to attempt later. You'll realise all your reasoning will be done in mins approx. Go for the puzzle type you're good at and you can easily solve 2 of them in 18 mins.

Then come to quants. This way you can be cautious and at the same time relaxed with more time in your hand for the time taking sections. Oliveboard has made huge impact in improving reasoning and quants section. I was scoring very less in quants earlier and then I upped my level with their test series and the series helped me qualify another series of exams. Right from , here goes the list. SBI Clerk -Reached till interview 2.

Lol 5. Got Aryavart Bank later, but did not join 9. OICL Assistant - did not go for typing test LIC AO did not join as had already joined clerical cadre It was like a series of missing exams because of interview. The ending of the journey has been good so far. Anyway, this is not the final mark of the journey. Hoping to achieve more.

I finished my graduation B. Here is the detailed strategy that I had followed during my preparation for these exams - First, complete the syllabus of every subject. I'm saying this because you can clear prelims by practising selective topics, but when you appear for the mains exam, you need to dive into the details of each topic. English: Grammar requires lesser attention than other topics. Focus more on Comprehension, Cloze test and Parajumble questions. Read finance and business-related articles. For Current affairs, read the newspaper daily, make notes and appear for Oliveboard GK quizzes.

Oliveboard Mock test series helped me a lot. I used to give one mock daily. The difficulty level of Oliveboard mocks is very similar to the level of real examination. These mocks made the exam so familiar. Solutions are also very good so it helped me to analyse my mocks. All the Best to all the aspirants! Thank you!! Here is my journey: I from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. And that is where my struggle with competitive examinations began. This is when I decided to gravitate towards banking and insurance sector examinations. I cleared Phase-I but missed a call for the interviews.

Thus, one is thoroughly prepared for all kinds of questions in the real examination. The detailed time-based analysis of every mock test was extremely crucial for me in judging which questions I should attempt and which ones I should leave. If I were to be asked the key to whatever little success I have found, I would say it was my frustration and desperation.

A person can either submit to this voice and give up, or channel this restlessness into productive work.

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I did the latter. I used to have sleepless nights out of anxiety for my future but I spent those nights studying and practising hard. Leaving you all with my favourite quote: "Rock-bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. I feel really honoured to be able to share my journey and insights on banking exams and thanks a lot Oliveboard for giving me this opportunity.

After completing my graduation in B. I started preparing for banking exams and to my surprise, I cleared SBI Clerk written exams in my first attempt but was not able to make a final cut at interview stage. This journey continued till where I was able to clear the Pre but was getting eliminated each time either in Mains or in Interview. After 12 unsuccessful attempts, I felt really broke but I never gave up on my dreams.

In , my perseverance gave me the taste of success and I cleared the 3 prestigious examinations in a row. Today, when I look back I can say the key strategies that worked out for me to make a final cut was my test taking habit. But before going further I would also like to shed some light on how actually I started my preparatory journey.

I began my preparation with quants as I felt I was good at quants which helped me a lot in gaining initial confidence. I started brushing up my basic concept of mathematics with R. It is a known fact that if you want to taste success in any competition - you first need to work on your speed along with basics as each second matters.

For Reasoning, I would say Mock Test is the only key if you want to ace this section. As Reasoning Section basically test your time management skills, it cannot be mastered without solving enough practice test. Now coming onto the interview - Guys if you are coming from B. Com background, please be thorough with your graduation subjects as the interview revolves mostly around graduation subjects, be confident and please be truthful. Rest all assured, you will be able to push the bar. I failed to clear the cuttoff of computer section by 0.

Initially I took tests from many sites but later realized that Oliveboard tests were the best because of good quality questions and one of the best test interface with wonderful server and then I started focussing on just Oliveboard tests. I used to attempt the mock tests and then analyse my mistakes. I strongly recommend Oliveboard Mock Tests to all the Banking aspirants. The credit of my success goes to the almighty, my parents, brother, teachers, Oliveboard, other online mock test series and all my friends and mentors. I started my preparation after graduation B.

Sc Maths in After final year exams in May , I downloaded some online mobile applications for Banking examinations. This persuaded me to be a banker. In the first three months, I cleared my basics from an online coaching institute. With the help of all available online resources, I practised regularly.

Next year in , I applied for many examinations. These are the books and mock test series that I had followed : Maths- R. S Aggarwal, S. D Yadav, Rakesh Yadav, Online study material and quizzes. Reasoning- For this section, I only followed online coaching material and then practised online quizzes on various websites. General Awareness - This is the most important section for Mains examination. Oliveboard Speed tests are the best tests in my opinion as the difficulty level of its mocks is same as the real exam.

Lastly, I want to say that always give your best, even when the odds are against you. Efforts never fail and hard work always pays off. Stop doubting yourself, work hard, and make it happen. Always be confident that you can and you will! I completed my MBA in and got placement in a private company.

But, I was not interested to join the company and after attending some counseling session with my friends who got selected in banking exam, I decided to prepare for banking exam. I stumbled upon Oliveboard on the internet. One thing I observed about Oliveboard test series is that it covered all the aspects of marketing subject, each online test was very different in terms of the question. The English and marketing section questions helped me a lot in my preparation. After giving all speed test, I was quite confident.

Oliveboard has made a huge contribution to my selection and finally, on 1st April the result was out, and I found myself in the banking sector. Quants- Start from simplification and then advance towards another topic. As the new pattern is introduced every year, I will suggest aspirants analyze the last 5 years papers. Today competitive exams are no more exam, it has become a tool to test our character, patience, decision-making ability.

So, one should be mentally prepared to face any eventuality. Oliveboard test series helped me a lot. The test papers are really challenging, and it will test your ability and preparation for the exam. So, I will suggest aspirants to follow Oliveboard. My journey of Banking Exams started in July and I achieved this grand success after burning the midnight oil for almost two years. But with the support of my family, I decided to take up the path of banking exams which looked rusty at that point in time. With lots of courage I pushed myself just by keeping one thing in my head that if I will make it, my parents will be the happiest people in this world.

I feel that spark inside my belly only helped me to achieve this. If you are putting a significant amount of hard work which is blended with a proper strategy, then things will surely fall onto the place. As I hail from an engineering background, I was slightly confident about Mathematics and Reasoning. So, I chose to start Quants and Reasoning with Arun Sharma whose step by step explanation helped me a lot in brushing up my basics. I feel that General Awareness is getting crucial day by day and it is significantly arising as a deciding factor in exam, so I would like to recommend that be thorough with current affairs as it will not only help you in scoring marks in Prelims and Mains, but it will also get you brownie points in the Interview.

During your preparation, I will strongly recommend you take as many mock tests as possible as it will give you deep insight into your preparation. Oliveboard scores the maximum marks by providing you almost similar kind of test paper which you can expect in real SBI PO exam. I still remember I used to take one mock test on a regular basis and I think that helped me a lot in terms of optimizing my timings and helped me in finding out my strengths and weakness.

So that was my journey in nutshell. I am sure it will ignite some spark inside you. Be positive, work hard, make your parents proud and cherish this wonderful life. Do well! After facing rejections in various government exams, this UP girl successfully cleared RRB Clerk in both and In spite of facing so many failures in her life, she never lost hope and left no stone unturned to achieve her dreams. I have completed my graduation in Bachelor in Science in After my graduation, I started preparing for Banking exams from July I started giving bank exams from itself, but could not clear prelims of any of the exam with less margins.

But I never lost hope and kept practicing. In March , I cleared Karnataka Bank Clerk written exam and got selected for the interview, but was out from final selection. I could clear many of them with very less margin but I was selected in reserved list of RRB clerk But again I could not get through the final selection. In spite of so many failures, I never lost hope and stood dedicated towards my preparation. So friends, don't lose your confidence and keep trying as one day you will definitely reach your dreams.

Preparation Strategy: First of all, I cleared the basics of all subjects and then started to give mock tests which helped me a lot in increasing my speed, which is an important factor to crack bank exams. After giving every mock, I analysed it properly and learned from my mistakes. Get all your basics crystal clear and learn all square roots, tables, formulas etc.

This will help you to save a lot of time while solving the questions. You can refer any book of your choice and practice all types of questions. English: Many of the aspirants find this as one of the most difficult sections. But trust me if you are thorough with the basic grammar rules and their usage in the sentence, you are on the right track. Be consistent with reading newspapers daily. It will help you to improve your vocab, your reading skills and also help you to understand the sentence formation. GK: Same goes for GK as well.

Read newspapers daily and make a note of all the important happenings. Making notes will make it easier for you to revise at the end. Keep giving quizzes to cover the untouched section of current affairs. Role of Oliveboard: At last, I would like to say thank you to Oliveboard to provide best mock test series which helped me a lot in my preparation. The standard of test series is extremely good. I thank you for giving me this platform to share my experience with you. Keep trusting yourself and never leave anything half done in your life.

I hope my journey will help other aspirants in their preparation. All the Best Guys! I got three shockers in a row. I was highly disappointed with my performance, but I never lost hope. If your approach is right, you can crack any exam. The first thing which I did was joining Oliveboard Test Series. This is one of the best test series you will find.

The approach to the questions is so well defined that it's not only easy but also error free. There was a sudden improvement in my scores after joining the test series. It's all about the approach, guys. The other important point to note here is patience. Never fear from your failure. Failure can make your confidence zero, but it can also make you rise to the top level. We fret it, we try to avoid it, and we question ourselves every time we have unconventional ideas. But the truth is, no great success was ever achieved without failure.

Whether we like it or not, failure is a necessary stepping stone to achieving our dreams. I must tell you that this preparation is not limited to any exam or competition itself, it is itself the preparation for the challenging life ahead, to deal with situations and efficient decision making in life. Patience is the key. I realised it was the implementation part in the real exam situation where I was lagging behind and this happens with all of us - we become nervous during the exam and to get over it and to be able to crack the exam ; one must practise at home regularly by giving mock tests daily and get into the habit of sitting daily for hours in front of the computer screen and be able to think in all directions to make your reasoning refined which will ultimately help in any exam and then one can cheerfully clear the obstacles.

Play with numbers in your mind, do all sorts of calculations, learn the tables; this will help in quantitative aptitude. Read quality English content online or through newspapers and listen to good English news channels, listen to audiobooks or podcasts online and focus on the language and thus become intuitive in the reading and understanding part. Remember that you are not required to attempt all the questions but focus on doing that part which you know the best and invest your precious time in doing it correctly to earn marks and again; this comes only by practising at home first.

Be fearless and flamboyant. Oliveboard Mock Test Series helped me a lot during my preparation by providing quality content for practice. Oliveboard Mock Test Series has set the standard high so that students get used to the situations even before appearing for the exam. Thank you Oliveboard, sincerely : All the best to all aspirants. Here is his inspiring story: I am Anshul Verma. It has been a journey of ups and downs but I never lost hope and was destined to achieve the best. I would like to thank Oliveboard for giving me an opportunity to share my journey and preparation tips with you guys.

Preparation Strategy: Banking exams are all about tricky questions. You are tested not how much you know but also on your decision making ability. So, practice as much as you can and always choose questions wisely. Quants: Clear your concepts till class 10th properly with the help of some good books or online videos.

Be well versed with square roots, formulas, percentage conversion, cube roots, tables etc. You can focus more on basic topics like : 1. Percentage 8. Basic key to solve questions related to this section is to draw each and every possibility on the paper. Start analysing the diagram and the data. At the end you will find out that you are left with only one possibility which is the correct one. Try doing Venn Diagram technique for Syllogism. No need to refer any book.

Just give as many mock tests and quizzes as possible. Similarly, for banking awareness check the basic banking terms. You can check Oliveboard GK app for preparing this section. Role of Oliveboard: During my preparation days, Oliveboard mock tests proved to be very beneficial. They provide tests as per the latest pattern and syllabus which will help you to prepare yourself best. Moreover, the analysis section provided by them is very useful in order to rectify your weak areas before giving the next mock. Tips to Aspirants: Keep practicing and analysing your weak areas in order to improve them.

Lastly, I would like to advise all the aspirants to keep yourself motivated throughout the journey as it is not going to be an easy one. I would want to sum up my experience with Oliveboard with this line- "If I appear for all the tests provided by Oliveboard sincerely, my selection is guaranteed". I completed my graduation in from Amity university, Noida and was placed in a IT company with a package which was below par for me and I was not at all satisfied.

I started preparing for bank exams from July and my first exam was SBI clerk where I missed prelims qualification by. That was a wake-up call. At first, I thought of taking coaching for preparations but then decided against it and started giving online mocks of Oliveboard. The benefits were that I got a lot of time for preparations and my speed improved.

But I got familiar with the type of questions. I used to solve 2 mocks daily. This enhanced my speed and I got accustomed with the pattern of the question. The quality of oliveboard mocks are exceptional. Cleared prelims and mains of all 3. This result gave me a lot of confidence and what followed was a set of successes: 1. South Indian Bank - PO 3. Shortlisted for BOB Manipal interview 5. I dedicate my success to my parents who supported me throughout and my sister who guided me throughout. And one important thing, along with hard work, smart work is very important.

If you thought non-engineers dont crack the big exams, meet Yatin Dhamija, a B. I have completed my B. Back then I remember I used to give mocks tests from Oliveboard which was very helpful. I did manage to reach till the interview in but could not get into Final selection list. All these failures never let me down and I kept myself motivated. All throughout my journey of ups and downs, the only thing I was very sure of was that I perform even better in RBI Grade B exams. This time I tried to keep a balance between my work and preparation and my dedication showed true colors.

Having said that, I am glad that Oliveboard gave me an opportunity to share my journey with you. I hope it will be beneficial for all the aspirants who wants to prepare for Government exams. All I needed was good practice. Oliveboard provides mock tests as per latest pattern and syllabus which helped me immensely to track my preparation. Reasoning: Generally reasoning questions can be time taking.

So try and solve the questions within a dedicated time frame. This comes only by practice. So practice as many reasoning questions as you can and try to analyse the technique to solve each question. Try to focus more on grammar and less on vocab as you get more questions from Grammar section only. GK: Try to check different sources and compilations present online to prepare for this section. Also give as many quizzes as you can.

Descriptive: Read newspaper daily to keep yourself updated with the recent happenings in India and across the World. Try to write one essay daily on different topics which are important. Do not forget to practice for Precis writing as well. Even reading comprehension part can be a scoring section in the exam as it generally asks around 6 questions related to the passage which can be answered directly and can be scoring. Like in the topic was related to Demonetization. You may score low at times in these mock tests but never get disheartened due to your scores during your preparation days.

But it is important to learn from your weak areas and work even harder to improve. So never lose patience and hope. If you can manage to keep yourself dedicated then half your work is already sorted. Here is his inspiring story: I am Haris and I am from Lucknow. I started my preparation right after my college i. I did manage to clear the Prelims but could not make through Mains.

This book will surely help you to strengthen your concepts and build your foundation for Quants. Work on your weak areas and practice as much as you can. I did practice a lot from various sources but Oliveboard mock tests always proved to be the best and helped me a lot to prepare for the real exam. I would like everyone to avoid using shortcuts and tricks to solve questions. They might seem easy at first but at the end having accumulated so many tricks and formulas will make your work even more confusing and lengthy. Reasoning: I referred various Youtube videos to clear my basics for this section.

For me Reasoning was always about the right approach to solve questions related to seating arrangements, puzzles,blood relation etc. Practicing good quality questions is a must for Reasoning. If you are thorough with the approach then you can easily handle any kind of question in the exam. Poora jor lagao, mehant karo, taiyyari ke saath attempt karo. Kab Kam thik honge plz help. Pranam guruji. Dear Vikrant, Moti or Pukhraj combination me pahno. Mujhse karja mukti yanyra mangaa kar saath me aane vaale mantra ke jaap karo.

Dear Sir Meri Tabiyat Thik nahi ho pa rahi. January Se Tabiyat Karab hai. Dear HEmant, tumhari tabiyat kahrab hone ka backgroung Novemer 17 se shuru ho chuka tha. Mangal shanti ke jaap karao. Saurabh dixit Dob : Time- am Place mahmudabad u. Job Or privet job koan si lagegi. Kab hoga meri job. Plz tell me sir. Aur bar hote hote rh jata hun. Dear Ajay, Govt job ke combinations nahi hain, private ya teaching profession try karo.

Age allow kare to defense ya police service try kar skate ho. Ravinder singh saluja D. Name — Sankesh Kosta D. Or private job. Hoga to kab hoga thodi se botho plz. Me se prepare kar raha hun. Meri job main stability nhi hai , last 1. Meri job main stability nhi hai , last 1 year se job nhi hai kya job karna sahi hai mere liye. Meri jobkab lagegi sarkari job ke yog hai kya bahut koshish ke baad bhi har bar nirasha hi hoti hai agar job lag jatai hai to six month ke andar chhot jati hai main librarian ka course kiya hai evam M.

A history se or pgdca bhi hu per kisi bhi field main job nahi. Lekin abtak job nehin hua. Meri govt job hoga ya neha hoga plz tell me. Govt job kab milegi give me date plz. Me se prepare kar raha hun lekin ab tak nehin hua. Love ya arrange marriage hoga plz tell me. Thanks lekin Chandrahas jantra kaha se magaugi plz link thdesi bhej deni. Meri iss shall job ho jayagi na. Dear Padmini, Chandrahaas yantra mujhse hi milega, jise pahnne vaale ke naam nakshatr se abhimantrit karke bhejaa jaataa hai.

Baaki details ke liye whatsapp par sampark kar sakte ho. Sir aapne yeh nahi bataya kab job lagegi or kis fiwld main evam meri shaadi ka yog hai ki nahi agar hai to kab hogi.

Mai Philhal pichle 4. Mera job ka bilkul bhi man nai hai or na hi achchi chal rahi hai job. Business karna chahuta hu. Meri kundali ke anusar kya bhagya me life time job karna hi likha hai ya kabhi khud ka business hoga. Dear sir, when I get job according to my MBA,at present I am working on my bpharm basis only, I had done MBA in operation and hr which better suits for my career operation or hr.

Dear Sachin, tumhe bataya jaa chuka hai, kundli vishleshan ki service lo. Tumhare prashn kafi hain jinka yahan uttar sambhav nahi hai,. Mujhe samajh nahi a raha, mai kis field me jaun…media me working hun…lekin earning zyada nahi hi…meri kundali ke hisab se kya karna behtar hoga…margdarshan ke liye abhari rahunga…jald jawaab ki ummeed.

When will get job? Dear Ganesh, Kantaka Saturn is in operation in your chart since October Normally this is period of struggle. Do remedies for Saturn. There are chances afetr second week of August. Meri D. B Place of birth — chandigarh. Right now living in Solan himachal pradesh. DOB: 4 august time: 4. Priyanka singh… Sir, meri study puri ho chuki he lekin job nhi he.. Success milegi? Please reply sir…. Time am. Place of birth Biaora Rajgarh m.

Thanks guru ji to kya m gov. Kya construction line shani se related h. Dear Nilesh, Construction line me labour department shani ke under hai. Donon shuru karo. Sir mera name rahul Singh h. Dear Rahul, sahi faladesh ke liye sahi janm details ki jarurat padti hai, sahi samay nahi hai to uttar nahi diaya jaa sakta.

Dear aniket, abhi tumhari umr padhai ki hai, us par dhyaan do. Joba ka jab samay aayega, job mil jaegi. Dear Ashutosh, yog hain, is varsh October ke baad chances hain. Pukhraj pahno. Sury ko nity arghy do. I want to do business, please sir tell whether i have good horoscope for business or not. Please help. B is hai place Gopalganj , Bihar Time pm hai. Sir maine abhi 10 ka exam diya hai aur aachha percentage aaya hai mai abhi confused hoon ki kaun sa stream choose karoon jiise aage chalke mujhe koi dikkat nhi ho so sir mai apne career ke baare me janana chahta hoon aur health ke baare me bhi.

Mera naam ajay Hai D. Dear Ajay, Govt job ke combinations to hain, par Rahu ki mahadasha me aasaan nahi hai. Govt Competitive exams me saflta ke liye mera chandrahaas yantra pahno or saath me aane vaale vijay mantra ke nity jaap karo, exams ki taiyyari poori mehant se karo, saflta milegi. Sir my name Shubham Ruhela hai meri d. Dear Shubham, agar tumhe Astrology aati hai to fir yahan par mat poocho. Kundli me Dashmesh lagn me hai, par Govt job ke liye jo sabse strong point hai vo hai Sury ka dasham se direct sambandh. Tumahri Kundli me Suary garahn ki sthiti me hai, dashmamsh me bhi dasham bhav se koi smabndh nahi aa raha hai.

Dear Shubham, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hain. Teaching ya education se related line try kar sakte ho. Hello sir Name shubham vyas Date of birth Time am Sir m yeh janna chahata hu ki konsi field jau mera career ban sake muje konsi job karni chahiy. Acharya ji mein 3 saal se free betha hu koi kaam nhi mil raha mene engineeing degree kar rakhi hai kafi stressed bi rehta hu. Dear Chain singh, Govt job ke combinations nahi hain, is samay neech ke rahu ki mahadasha shuru ho chuki hai, abhi sangharsh ka samay rahega. Defense sector me yog ban sakte hain.

Nmskaar sir. Acharya ji apne bola ki yog ban sakte hai to kya koi strong combination nhi ban rahe hai kya meri kundali mein govt. Govt job ke Strong combinations nahi hain. Sir my dob 04 september time am place himachal pradesh distt. Kangra sir i completed my engineering in sir main janana chahta hoon ki mujhe govt job kis sector main milegi aur kab tak aur any remedy please suggests me …..

Dear sushil, engineering kee hai to usi field me milegi, usi me try karo. Maanik pahno, sury ko nity arghya do. Want to know about govt job in this year.. Name rewati rebhankar time Place -chanda Maharashtra. DOB Time of Birth AM-Midnight. Sir kya mujhe sarkari naukri milegi? Sir, plz btaye ki meri Job kb tk lgegne ke chance h..? Place — Hamirpur, Himachal pardesh. Time of birth. Job kab legega. Dear guruji, I am looking for a job in foreign country, when will i get it? Guruji, mera name Aman Raj Singh hai… Dob — Time- pm Place- Jamshedpur Guruji mujhe puchna hai ki kya mere ko iss saal college milega ya nhi??

Maine isis saal 12th ka exam diya hai…or iit College ki taiyari bhi kr rha hu. Mera 18th may ko Bitsat ka exam hai…Please btaiye ki mai iss saal college me admission hoga ya nhi… plz guruji reply dijeye. Guru ji namaste…mera dob h 7th august timing h pm and birth place h Delhi.

Guru ji hm do saal s medical ka preparation kr rhe h succes ni mil paa rha h. Is saal m mera 3rd year ho jaega 6 may ko mera exam h hmko janna h is saal m college milega ya ni??? Please guru ji bataiye…. Job ke baare me janna hai. Agar future me govt. Job h to kuch upaye bhi bta dijiye jisse job mil jae. Or kis age me job lgegi Thnx. Name Antima. Or kis field me acchi rahegi. Sir please reply D. Namastey guru jii Meri d.

Guruji mera career kya hai or meri job kb or kis line main lagegi pranam guruji Dob- Time- am Place- jalaun district U. Pranam Guru Ji.. Kya m school open kar sakta hu after merriage muje success milegi business m.. Namaste guru ji. Mujhe yeh janna tha ki mera govt job hoga ki nahi?? Main kab se prepare kar rahi hun.

Ek pandit ne kaha tha ish november ke baad hi shaadi aur job ka yog hai. Kya yeh sahi hai guru ji?? Job ke liye try karun ki nahi guru ji? Kripaya mujhe ish bare me thik decision kuch di jiye. Sir mai rahul sharma….. DOB 17may …birth time pm evening…… government job ke Chance hai???? Dob 05sep,time am birth place amritsar punjab. Pranam guru ji. Bahat salon se job ke liye try kar rahi hun par ab tak job nahi lagi aur preparation ke liye bhi mann nahi lag raha ab. Guru ji mujhe kaunsa ratan pehna chahiye aur kya upay karna chahiye jis se career me kuch success mile?

Hemlata kumari,date- 5. Mujhe apni life r shadi k bare m pta krna h. Shadi kb hogi r mera future kaisa hoga. M apne graho k bare m b janna chahti hu. Meri love marriage hogi ya arrange??????? Name — Jalpesh M Thakker D. Job milegi plz reply sir bahut paresan hu. Dear sir My D. Kya meri kundali me sarkari job ke yog hai. My name Savi D. Dear Savi, If age allows, try for Govt job through competitive exams, this time there is chances of success. Mere kismat main sarkari job hai ya nhi. Pls bataye career kahan hain, pvt mein feild or govt mein. Time raat me 9 se 10 baje ke beech ka.

Hai place. Utter pradesh. Me medical exam ke liye try kar rahi hun mera selection kab take hoga. Place Kolkata time Me civil ki preparation Kar rahi Hun mujhe kab Tak success milegi. Guru ji d. Dob place delhi timepm what is the best suitable career option for me and how much time would it take to achieve my career goal? Dob Dot am Plcae haldwani uttrakhand Sir. Meri kundli m govt job k yog h. Aur kab tak? Sir, my name is Abhay banyal. Place-Hamirpur H. P Sir, please btaye ki muje kon si field me struggle krna chahiye jisme me accha pesa kma sku or govt.

Job h ya ni. Guru dev I want to know our job. Good time for career starts from March Guruji kripaya ye bataiye ki mera kis field me job ka indication h.. Which Gemstone should I wear for overall prosperity and happiness. You have apsavya sarpa dosham in you kundli which makes one struggle a lot. Do remedies for that. Sir, please me job ke baare me jaan na chahta hu, meri job lagti hai but zyada din tk nahi chalti, meri job kis age me aur kis type ki lagegi, i mean private job OR Government.

Plz Mera ek hi questions hai as a student. Please tell me when will i get job. Kya mere kismat me job hai ya nhi. Name-Ravikant Krishnagopal Agnihotri D. Please sir muje batai mera carrer kya hoga. Thank You. Guruji, mai banking exams ki prepration kar rhi hu pichle 4 years se..

You asked for GOVT job, for that the strong combinations are not there. New house purchase kerne ke liye best time jan or Feb my berth time Dob Plz tell how is my moon in birth chart. I want to start new business, in which fields i can start my business. Your reply can change my life. Dear amandeep, Moon is your twelfth lord placed in 10th house, in exalted position which is very good. Anything to do with Govt or higher authorities will be good for you, or anything related to foreign. Thankyou for your reply. Sir i would like to start new departmental store business, will ot be great for my future.

Or atleast try to get some foreign things in your store. Establish my Kachua Shree yantra for success in business. Please tell me is it good for me. Sir mera garments ka showroom hai usme abhi tak saleaverage chal raha hai. Aap bataye ki main showroom ko aage continue karu ya koi or field mein business karu.

Dear Arun, right now your mahadasha lord Jupiter is in a negative transit, it will be struggle period. On Wednesdays, visit Narayan temple and recite Vishnu Sahsranaam, than feed any green fodder to cows. P Sir mujhe sarkari job me success milegi ya business mere liye acha rhega or kis tarah ka business thik rahega konsa ratna dharan karu.

Guru Ji Pranam Mera D. P Firozabad Uttar Pradesh hai Marrige ka yog kab ka hai or sarkari naukri ka yog kaisa hai. DOB : , POB delhi , TOB : pm … bachche ka sports mein career ka yog bataye jisse proper training ki ja sake …rujhan bahut jyada dikhta hai. Plz suggest.. Dear guruji, DOB- My dob is oct, Am, New Delhi Guruji i can start my business real estate from new year in partnership. DOB novery Birth time Maine abhi civil Engineering complete kiya hai..

Govt job ke koi chances hai ya private sector..?? Place-allahabad up Question- govt job ke yog hai kya Kundali me? Birth Place — Mandi H. Mujhe Kon sa business suit krega. Abhi Bakery Products, Bread market mein shops ko supply karta hu. Ye ghumne wala business hai. Par 3 saal se kar raha hu,par profit nahi hai, karj mein hi fasta ja raha hu. Plz suggest.


Name-Anamika D. Sir hmko sarkari job nhi mil rahi aur mai hamesa prayas krta rhta hu lekin nhi mil rahi hai kya sir oi upay btaeye. Dear Anil, Appka birthplace clear nahi ho raha, chandimandir Haryana ka kon sa dsitrict hai? Hello sir, Mujhe mere Bhai ki job k bare me janna h. Meri kismat me achhie job h ki nahi, thak gyi Hun struggle se.

Namaste aacharya ji, I want to ask for my brother.. Bharatpur Rajasthan. Aacharyji mera nam Nilesh hai, ….. Pehle private naukri karta tha fir wo chod ke business line me aya par waha bhi kuch hat me nahi aya. Muze kya karna ya pehenna chahiye jisse kismat sath de? Panna or blue sapphire to mai pehen raha hu. Suggestion ke liye Apka Bohot Bohot Shukriya. Bohot Kathor Mehnat ke baad bhi safalta koi karya me nahi mil rahi hai. Name bhawna Dob…Time…. Delhi Pandit ji mera ye last attempt hai govt exam ka orr m mhnat kr rhi hu pr dimag idhar udhar btak rha hai…. Or bus upay btayee ki iss saal ssc steno m selection ho jayee…..

Hello sir, Name- Ishan Chaudhary Date of birth………. Sir i want to know that can i able to crack judiciary exam? Is there any auspicious yog in my kundli which can give a little push to my hardwork so that i can excel in the exam. Kindly reply. Dear Ishan, Details are hidden for privacy.

Of course you will be able to crack Judiciary exams, you have auspicious yogas. To counter it, wear Chandrahaas yantra made by me, it is made in Silver with natural Pearl. When you order the yantra, I will give you certain very specific remedy for clearing competitive exams. Acharya ji, mera DOB…. Please muje btaiye mere job kab lagegi. Mai pehle media me thi lekin pareshania aati rehti thi fir ek sarkari jagh PRO ki Job lag rhi thi par waha mujse salary ko lekar kuch galatfehmi hogai aur Maine join ni ki.

Please btaiye media me fir try Kar Rahi hu,kya lagegi jaisi mai chahti hu? Ya PRO me?

Much more than documents.

Saurabh, October se November me chances hain. Shiv mandir me nitya Kaal bhairav Ashtak ke jaap kar Shivling abhishek karo. Mera name Jagdish h. Sir thanks for giving us such valuable sutras which are blend of many big ancient manuscripts in such simple language May God bless u with alround success and also wish ur guidance forever. Dear Amit, Thanks for your kind words and liking the article. I will always guide to the best of my knowledge. My dob…Time…. Meray ratan bataye Mujhay kaam kis graha say related kerna chahiye.

Success Stories

Dear Pradeep, Privacy ke liye aapki details hata dee gayi he. Shukr grha se related kaam kare, Gomed and Safed pukhraj combination me pahne. Nice article sir. Only thing most of the astrologers are of belief that saturn in 10th house indicates huge success in career.

Is it true?? Dear Mahesh, Saturn if exalted or with a own house planet in 10th house can bestow great success in life, provided Such Saturn has not lost strength in Varga charts like navamsh or dashamamsh. Thanks for your feedback! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Technically supported by: BccFalna. Comments Sonika Sharma,, time am, place Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh, government job kab milegi. Sonika, Govt job ke liye present age allow karegi?

Sanjay, Success is seen in court case. Business will see lot of obstacles. Amit, November ke second week se sthiti me badlav ayega. Nishant, November second week ke baad chances hain. Dear Chabeli, Bina birth details kuch nahi kaha jaa sakta. Sunita, November first week se February ke beech strong chances hain. Atul, Communication se related business kar sakte ho. Ashish, isi article ke neeche uttar diyaa jaa chuka hai. Ashish, Jab tak age allow kare, Govt job ke liye try karo. H Sir Meri govt job lgegi ya nahi.. Nitish, Govt job ke liye try karo, Safed Pukhraj pahno.

Dhanyawad…koi Pooja krna pdega kya…aur job in tk lg skti hai.. Nitish, Stone order karne par baaki details saath me ayengi. Namaste sir, Meri job kb tak lagegi Mai government ya phr private me try kru. P Pls sir mujhe btaye. Himanshu, Govt job ke srong combinations nahi hain,PSU me try akr sakte ho.

Vinod, Shukr ki mahadasha Farvari tak chalegi. Rohit, Bina sahi janm samay ke sahi faladesh nahi ho sakta. Kirti, Job par dhyan do, November ke baad badlaav hai. Sir, its Ballabhgarh, Faridabad, Haryana… Pls revert. Bhoomi, You can try for Govt service, chances are there. Shivam, Bete ki kundli me Sarp dosh hai, Kal bhiarav ashtak ke jaap karao. Pukhraj pahnao.

Vinay, Govt job ke yog hain, competitive exams ke jariye try karo. Bhaskar, Videsh ke liye try karo. October me yog banenge. Rohit, Is varsh November se agle varsh Farvari ke beech chances hain. Moonga pahno. Shivangi, Govt job ke combinations hain, specially police, army defense aadi me. Chanchal, June se Sury ki mahadasha shuru hogi, tabhi chances hai. Amit, September ke third week me changes hain. Sumit, November first week ke baad sthiti badal rahi hai.

Geetanjali, Janmsthan nahi mil raha, kaun si district hai? Anushka, November 19 ke baad naukri ke ytog banenge. Anurag, 5 Guruvar Vishnu mandir me darshan kar Vishnu sahsranaam kaa jaap karo. Hello acharya ji. Acharya ji Meri date of birth hai 30 october Main job karu ya business Mera naam Gaurav Gujral hai aur janam sthan delhi Time — pm. Sukhmeet, August ke end se change ayega jo positive change hai. Kish kshetra me try kare Job or business? Priya, Job me try karo.

Visheshkar Govt job ke liye try karo competitive exams ke jariye. Deepak, Date of Birth incorrect hai. Sahi janm samay ke bina sahi faladesh nahi ho sakta. Riya, Fashion designing, textile designing aadi me jaa sakte ho. HEmlata, Stationery, books aadi se related business try kar sakte ho. Utam, Bina sahi janm samay ke koi faladesh nahi diya jaa sakta.

Sir, any chance in banking sector or can I start any business. Hello sir Jagriti from agra uttar pradesh. Jagriti, Saadhe saati ka teesra daur Janvari se shuru hoga jisme change ayega. Namastey sir, Sir please guide mujhe marketing job ko hi continue krna chahye ya kisi dusri field me. Jagriti, Birth details ke bina uttar sambhav nahi hai.

Kindly guide. B:- 26 april maine graphic and web design ka course kia tha ab mai es course ke base par job dhund rahi hu. September ke baad videsh ke liye try karo. Neeraj, Business related to electrical items, electricity, copper etc will suit you. Sanjay, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hain. Dob Sumit, Govt service ke strong combinations nahi hai. Niraj, Success depends on how hard you try. Govt banking services are also good for you. Nishthi, Without birth details nothing can be said. Shivam, Sarkari naukri ke strong combinations nahi hain.

Judiciary services me try karo. Rahul Sharma DOB. Nangal Dam Acharya ji , meri job nhi lg rehi. Name-Abhishek tripathi Dob Place-kanpur nagar up Timeam Acharya ji Mai kis field me business kru aur kis grah k anusar business choose karu. Kanchan, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hai. Haresh, Judiciary services ke yog hain, jab tak age allow kare, try karo.

Pooja, July ke second week ke baad chances hain. M Place:- Burdwan, west-bengal Guruji mujhe kab government job milne ke chances hai.

Nadi Astrologers in the city of Hyderabad in Shivam Road with phone number, address and contacts

Name Navjeet DOB time Pm Place Jobat — MP Guruji mene abhi job change kiya hai but mujhe yaha jam nahi raha hai to kab tak mujhe new job mil sakti hai — meri seraching chalu hai but reply nahi mil raha hai. Ramakanta, Without birth details how can I give any answer??

Kya meri iss saal naukri lagegi. Upaay btae. Thank you! Namste, Amit Sharma D. Please bataye. Nivedita, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hai. Acharya ji, I am jobless from almost 2. Prashant, November 19 ke baad job ke chances hain. Govt job ke combinations nahi hain. Name — Nitesh Chaubey Dob — Time — pm Place — bazpur, uttarakhand Guru ji meri job nhi lag pa rhi hai , kab tak lag jayegi please btaye..

Govt job mile ge? Job nahi lagti toh best Business konsa hai my kundli according. Yogesh, Job or business dono me accha hai. Shani ki saadhe saati ke upaay karo. Dob : Dear Pooja, Govt job ke combinations hai, par strong nahi hai. Gauri, Govt job ke combinations nahi hain. Languages se related field accha rahega. Rajan, Govt service ke yog hain par bahut adhik mehanat ki jarurat hai. Dear Vinayak, Janm sthan Chadchan mil raha hai, Chandchan nahi.

Pooja, Janm samay ratri ka liya gaya hai, GOvt job ke combinations nahi hain. Dear NEha, Govt job ke yog hain, try karte raho. November 19 ke baad kuch yog hain. Dear Naveen, Govt service ke strong combinations nahi hain. Sarkari k lie try krna chae?? Please reply. Sarika Dear Kajal, Apprx time se sahi faladesh nahi ho sakta. Dear Dipanshu, Defense ya police sector me try karo. Dear Pooja, itne prashnon ke uttar yaha sambhav nahi, paid service avail karo. Guru ji. Me kuch ka vyapar karu ka nokri. Dear Mukhesh, Vyapar suit nahi karega, naukri karo.

Videsh ki naukri try karo. Dear Deepak, abhi sahi samay chal raha hai. November se kuch problems rahengi. Sir maine MBA ki hui hai finance me. Kon sa profession mere liye acha rahega. Dear Suraj, March end se April end ke beech kuch chances hain. Dear Shivam, Education, Judiciary or Law aadi se sambandhit field me jaa sakte ho. Guruji, Greetings of the day!! Hope you are doing great. Pls suggest me as per my kundli Eagerly waiting for your valuable msg. Charge is a bit high as per queries. Could you reduce the charge?

Dear Lakhan, jab tak age allow kare, Govt job ke liye try karo. Dob Time pm Ajmer rajasthan Please help as i m about to complete my studies. Dear Khebender, Your birth time is midnight or morning? Dear Ratnakar, Agle varsh June se November tak ummeed hai. Dear Jaikant, Defense sector, Police ya paramilitary jaise field me try karo. Dear Ratnakar, Tumhare itne prashnon ke uttar yaha sambhav nahi hai.

Dear Jyoti, bina birth time ke answer nahi diyaa jaa sakta. Dear Deepak, Tumhe neelam pahanne ko bataya tha. Mujhse Neelam mangva kar pahno, job lag jayegi. Name: Ashish Date: Time: Place: please meri detail show na kare. Abhishek, Jo job lagi hai uske saath apni field me try karo, Sarkari naukri ke exmas do. Dear prakriti, November ke baad try karo, success milegi. Dear Rohan, bank me chances hain, koshish karo. Maire D. Dear Rashmi, Abhi mahadasha anukool nahi hai, sangharsh rahega.

Dear Chakshu, competitive exams ke through Govt service ke yog hain. Yahin try karo. Dear Swati, treaching ya education se related field me try karo. Kumar, Art crafts ya isse related line suit karegi. Kn sa sector mere liye accha rhega. Dear Naman, fine arts, acting modelling ya fashion se related fields. Dear Gaurav, Sarkari naukri ke combinations nahi hai, private me try karo. Dear Harshal, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hain. Dear guruji When will i get a new job? Dear Anchal, After November 15 this year there are yogas forming for job. Dear Pawani, By the end of this year, there are chances.

Dear saurabh, Govt job ke strong combinations nahi hain. Dear Jyoti, jis field me Graduation hai usi me PG karo, ya job ke liye try karo. Dear Ajay, kareeb se faladesh nahi ho payega, sahi smay chahiye. Dear Ravinder, Govt job ke combinations nahi hain. Dear Yesana, Govt job ke combinations nahi hain. Private sector me try karo.